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When I was approaching my sixteenth birthday, I decided I wanted to be a professional photographer. I am not sure I even knew what that really meant or what I wanted to take pictures of, but my parents recognized a dream in the making. They pulled together and bought me a Nikon FG-20, a 55mm lens, a flash, and a bag. Christmas brought the coveted 70-200mm zoom lens.

As with many young people, this "dream" soon took a back seat to numerous other aspirations over the years. By the time I got to college, I had selected the much straighter path of business and hospitality management. I enjoyed this career for about 7 years, but a new dream had been building. I longed to work with whales and dolphins. More than anything, I envisioned swimming with these creatures in the open ocean. After a tough move away from my family in Virginia, I started my quest in what I had been told was the "hot bed" of marine animal activity, San Diego, California. This led to many other adventures and a lot of research into the various possibilities of getting into the marine field. Above all, I spent many a day at Sea World, trying to break into animal training.

In 1994 I met a professional photographer named Jeff Pantukhoff who first opened up to me the world of marine animals in the wild. It was a trip that he and I took to the breathtaking Sea of Cortez, Mexico, that I consider my first semi-professional shoot - to be defined as traveling to a great location and shooting lots and lots of film in hopes of capturing one or more shots worthy of sale. I continue to define professional photography in that way. Most of the dolphin and sea lion photographs in my collection are from that first trip.

It was not long after this that I discovered the Whale Conservation Institute (WCI) and its research vessel Odyssey. WCI has since changed its name to Ocean Alliance. I have been working with Ocean Alliance/WCI since 1995, when I first volunteered during a haul-out of the boat in San Diego. Many dreams have been fulfilled in that time, and they continue. WCI takes me to incredible places with new species of marine animals and photo opportunities galore. So, I take my camera with me.

What may surprise you is that for the entire collection shown on this site (with the exception of the Patagonia images), I was still shooting the same Nikon with the same two lenses, and it was manual everything. I manually set my focus and aperture for every shot and even manually wind, usually allowing me only one shot per breach or jump of a whale or dolphin. I have only recently purchased my first new camera and lens. All of the shots you see here on the website are as they appeared to my naked eye - I just tried my best to make it possible for me to see it all again for years to come. And now I share these dreams, these fabulous moments in time, with you and others. I hope they bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart, as they have to mine.

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