Special Thanks To

I would like to thank all the people who have helped me on this glorious journey. A list of some of them follow. I apologize in advance for all those I am failing to mention - you know who you are!

All the folks at Ocean Alliance
All my new friends in Argentina for making Galleries IV & V a reality!
- Rafa, Sophia, Paula, Sergio and all the folks at Paradise
Kim and Vicky for inviting me to Patagonia and making another dream come true
Pieter for your help and time working out the card and camera mysteries
Victoria and Kamalia at Peregrine Framing
Sherry Grimes for all your help with the cards
Greg, John, and Tom at Todd Allan Printing
Mike Elwood for giving me my first steps toward this website
Maryellen and Chris for your patience
Chris DeCanio for interrupting your busy schedule for me
Jeff Pantukhoff for your inspiration
Karen for our friendship
Mom for all your editing and support
Dad and Jordan for all the woodwork and designs
Shelley for covering while I am away
Grandpa for the start in mat cutting
Fred for all the business advice
Jennie for your enthusiasm

Josh - for everything

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